Online courses offer 'cost effetive learning' for Open GI users

Software house Open GI, has launched an online training facility for brokers

The company said the new service, eTraining, brings the expertise of the Open GI system trainers straight to brokers via the internet.

The use of interactive web technology means that group and one-to-one courses can be delivered online and trainers are able to respond to questions in real time.

"The development of online training eliminates the need to travel to and from training venues, saving brokers time and money, whilst providing measurable results online. All a broker needs is a PC with access to the internet and a telephone headset," Open GI said.

A range of sessions are available, covering numerous aspects of the system from credit card processing through to document management.

Mark Sollis, head of education and consultancy at Open GI, said: “eTraining is specifically designed to meet the needs of our brokers and represents a strategic move towards the provision of cost effective and convenient training delivery.

“Whilst traditional on-site training continues to be successful, the option of delegates being able to access courses and material from their own desktop in a virtual classroom environment means they can choose the training method that meets their specific needs.

“As one of the few suppliers now offering the full range of training delivery options this represents a major move towards realising the benefits of the e-revolution”.