Midlands broker sets five target areas for growth, but excludes SMEs

Midlands-based broker Perkins Slade is to target five key areas during 2005 in an effort to double its brokerage to up to £12m by 2008.

But its chief executive David Slade said the broker would not be focusing on SME business.

Slade said the company had identified mid-to-large corporate clients as one key area for the firm.

The other areas of focus will be international referral business, sport and recreation cover, high net worth business and professional indemnity.

"We will be putting our concentration and resources into these areas," said Slade.

"Some of that might mean that we acquire firms, but we are more interested in getting good people."

He continued: "We are looking at a couple of minor add-ons which will build on our existing centres, but any investment we make will be geared to our focuses."

On the decision not to concentrate on the SME market, Slade said: "I can't make money on SMEs and deliver value in a regulated environment.

"We prefer to focus on companies that recognise that we bring added value to the process."

Target areas for premium growth:
Mid-to-large corporate business
International referral business
Sport and recreation cover
Professional indemnity
High net worth