Medical reporting company sees its most succcesful year

Premex has celebrated the most successful 12 months of its history with the reopening of its headquarters after a major refurbishment.

As the UK’s largest provider of medical reporting and rehabilitation services to the legal profession and insurance industry, the desire to set the highest standards has seen Premex double its turnover to £45million in the last year.

The growth of Premex has been carefully planned, with recent acquisitions such as Accuro, a digital transcription service, 3D, a medical underwriting and claims handling company, both of which provide services that complement the organisation’s core business. Earlier this year, Premex also launched Premex Insight, a claims investigation company.

On the opening of new offices, Premex chief executive, Simon Margolis, said: “This building used to house 80 staff, we now have over 200 just on this site alone. Our new look headquarters will provide an improved environment for staff, which will have a positive effect on service for clients.”