Agreement between medical reporting organisations and insurers creates two new level of fees as industry standard

An agreement has been reached between medical reporting organisations (MROs) and insurers in respect of the recoverability of medical agency fees.

The signed agreement provides a cap on fee charges for GP, orthopaedic and A&E reports and reviews where anticipated damages will be less than £15,000, as well as bringing cost predictability to issues such as medical records and supplementary reports and clarifications.

Simon Margolis, chief executive of Premex Group and leader of the Medical Reporting Agencies negotiating group, who led the MROs towards the fixed fee agreement, commented: “This has been a very long process. The industry has spent the last 18 months dealing with the fallout and repercussions of the Woollard v Fowler case, however this agreement brings to a close a six month mediation process.”

The agreement draws up two levels of fees which are expected to become industry standard and recognised by all parties, as well as the courts. In addition, and in light of this agreement, the insurers’ appeal regarding Woollard v Fowler has been withdrawn.