Premex Insight will offer liability and theft investigation services

Rehabilitation and medico-legal specialist Premex Group is to push into claims investigation in a bid to become an industry leader in its field.

The launch of Premex Insight will see the company offer liability and theft investigation services in the personal injury sector.

As part of the service Premex Insight will provide liability investigation reports in cases where liability is disputed. These will include incident mapping, and interview and statement collation.

In theft claims the company has developed a service designed to clarify the circumstances of the theft to improve fraud detection.

Premex Insight will also offer a track and trace facility to assist in recovering outstanding financial obligations.

It is thought insurers waste millions of pounds every year investigating personal injury claims. Premex chief executive Simon Margolis claims Premex Insight would drive down insurer costs by speeding up the investigation period.

He said: "Time is money for insurers and defendant lawyers and if the current service providers don't have the people, service or structure to do the work quickly and efficiently there's a cost implication."

Operations director of Premex Insight Darren Graham said: "Our feedback told us that clients were still looking for the delivery of effective investigation findings through a successful combination of swift processes, customer service infrastructures and a high degree of technical accuracy."

He added: "With the launch of Premex Insight we aim to be the number one choice for insurers and the claimant litigation sector to use for any kind of claims investigation within one or two years."