Further to Joel Johnson's response (21 March) to my letter (14 March)

I am sure insurance companies would be surprised to learn that first they have all appointed single contractors and second that this is the reason they are overspending by £100m a year.

However, I agree that it is for precisely the reasons outlined by Mr Johnson that insurers should take advantage of professional damage management companies, which have the required experience to cost effectively project manage the recovery of a policyholder's treasured possessions and home.

It is of course essential for the correct skilled trades people to restore and refurbish the relevant damages, but without these activities being properly co-ordinated further losses will occur, deadlines will be extended and the policyholder disenfranchised leading to non-renewal of the policy.

We agree that jobbing builders and contract cleaners should not be used to do the work of specialists, in our case damage management experts.

On numerous occasions we are called in to re-do work that is unsatisfactory and attempted by those who do not understand fire and flood losses.

Drying buildings properly, tracking the path of pressurised smoke, swab analysis, and correct decontamination following flooding are all special skills that require specific training.

For this reason Belfor now offers a full restoration service for residential losses to protect insurers from wasting time and money sourcing and co-ordinating multiple contractors on a single claim.

I believe any overspend by insurers, which may account for Mr Johnson's comments, relates to them not utilising single contractor's services and such a move would provide immediate financial benefits for the insurance industry.

Neal Courtney
Commercial director
Belfor-Relectronic (UK)