Miller Fisher administrator threatens legal action

Miller Fisher's administrators have threatened the failed company's redundant loss adjusters with legal action over "several hundred" missing client files.

The loss adjusters received letters from administrators Deloitte & Touche last week, warning them that injunctions would be taken out against them if they did not return all files in their possession.

It is claimed that some redundant staff are holding files "hostage" and demanding their outstanding wages, lost when Miller Fisher went into administration in early July.

However, others who received the letter are horrified at the suggestion.

"I've never, in 18 years of adjusting, encountered anything like this," one adjuster said.

"Not in a million years would I do anything like that.

"One or two of the files are with the insurers and the others are on top of my office cabinet from the day I left.

"One was being typed up by my secretary, but she had to stop when they told her to leave her desk because she was being made redundant."

The adjuster said he handed his dictation tapes to the administrator and left detailed notes of his progress on the claim with each file.

He said he was aware that large amounts of unopened post had been thrown away after staff left the office.

A source said "several hundred" files were missing from Miller Fisher'soffices.

Most were due to be turned over to Cunningham Lindsey, which is acting as the administrator's agent on the run-off business.

Thousands of files were dumped outside Cunningham Lindsey's Cardiff office shortly after it took on the work.

There has been speculation that some files were thrown away by the landlords of buildings occupied by Miller Fisher.

Rent had not been paid on some offices for more than a month and landlords were keen to reclaim their premises, particularly the London Market office which was vacated days after the administration was announced.

A Deloitte & Touche spokeswoman refused to comment on the legal action.

"We are in the process of ensuring all files are properly located and we have contacted the loss adjusters," she said.