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THE BRIEFING: Personal lines broking

Personal lines broking:  The risks of unrated insurers, the threat of Amazon, dual pricing and insuretech

carry risk

The Briefing – MGA markets: Should MGAs carry their own risks?

Are boundaries blurring as increasing numbers of MGAs seek to hold their own risk? Insurance Times asks the experts whether MGAs are stepping on insurers’ toes…

Charles Manchester, Manchester Underwriting

The Briefing: MGA market – MGAs are a ‘powerful weapon for brokers’

Insurance Times speaks to Manchester Underwriting Management about current trends within the MGA market as well as the all-important broker-MGA relationship


The Briefing: MGA market – MGA startups multiply to fill innovation gap

Industry veterans looking for business agility and new opportunities are launching their own MGAs

The briefing_SME_broking

The Briefing: SME broking – Brokers can benefit from focusing on SME schemes

With a broad SME market and new small businesses springing up all over the UK, how do brokers keep abreast of trends and make sure they are offering their customers the best possible value?

The briefing_SME_broking

The Briefing: SME broking –Skipping advice when buying cover puts small businesses at risk

Looser regulation and the rise of aggressive aggregator websites mean insurance customers will now often eschew professional regulated advice, leaving both themselves and brokers’ traditional business model in a vulnerable position

Joanna Edgley Nexus

How has the Lloyd’s performance review affected PI insurance?

Two industry specialists give their views on how the shake-up has caused insurers to scrutinise their portfolios


Professional indemnity insurance capacity shrinks for advisors

Underwriting appetite dwindles in the wake of pension mis-selling claims and an increase in the award limit of the Financial Ombudsmen Service

Fraud tape

What more can the industry do to tackle fraud?

Three specialists discuss how the insurance sector can tighten its defences against fraudulent activity

Mark Chiappino

Q&A: Cracking down on the motor fraudsters

Direct Line Insurance counter fraud manager Mark Chiappino on how the industry is trying to fight crime, the impact of the Civil Liability Act and how we need to move away from ‘compensation culture’


Combination of factors driving motor costs upwards

Statistics from ABI indicate that after five consecutive quarters of year-on-year decreases in average premiums, it looks like motor insurance rates are on the up

two directions

FCA threatens more action on dual pricing

As it releases its interim report on home and motor insurance, the regulator proposes further remedies to stamp out the loyalty penalty, including restricting prices on automatic renewals and measures to better enable switching cover


Has the insurtech conversation moved from disruption to collaboration?

Five insurance specialists give their views on whether new tech startups have gone from challenging the established businesses in the insurance industry to working with them


Deloitte: Insurtechs should be considered innovation partners, not vendors

Insurtech startups have drawn $16.5bn in investments over the past decade


Brokers less fearful of insurtechs – survey

Online comparison sites are seen as a bigger threat to UK general insurance brokers than insurtech companies, according to the results of the 2019 Digital Broker survey


Insurance, with no questions asked

With one-third of customers giving up on lengthy question sets, will insurtech powered zero-questions-asked insurance quotes revolutionise the process?