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Broking M&A

THE BRIEFING: Personal lines broking

Personal lines broking: The risks of unrated insurers, the threat of Amazon, dual pricing and insuretech


Does the UK have a compensation culture?

Four specialists discuss the effects of fraudulent claims and how the industry can guard against them

Women and childbirth effect

Time to shrug off the industry stereotypes

It is essential that insurance improves representation for both race and gender at all levels, to better reflect its customer base


Are brokers doing enough to innovate?

Four insurance specialists give their views on whether brokers are keeping up with changes in the market

Young driver

Millennials are main perpetrators of motor insurance fraud

Research by Cifas suggests the view of insurance fraud as a ‘victimless crime’ persists in the UK, with younger drivers increasingly likely to offend through fronting, leading to calls for continuing education from the industry

I stock money moving

What can brokers and insurers do to tackle dual pricing?

Four specialists give their views on how the industry shifts from giving preferential prices to new customers


Keyless entry a growing concern as motor thefts rise

Car theft claims rose by 27% in 2018, as criminals find new ways of hacking into high-end cars


Dual pricing: Getting off the hamster wheel

The insurance industry is coming under increasing pressure over dual-pricing. Will it ever be able to eliminate it?

Vehicle repair

Insurers face rising repair costs due to new car technology

While driver assistance features are improving safety on the roads, vehicles with advanced driver assistance features cost more to repair, a problem exacerbated by a fall in the number of bodyshops

houses of parliament

Will the Civil Liability Act succeed where others have failed?

Insurers and brokers should expect a big surge in claims ahead of the latest round of whiplash reforms and, once the new portal comes into place, prognosis shift and an attempt by CMCs to reposition themselves

Mergers and acquisitions picture

Is broker consolidation bad for innovation?

Commercial lines brokers continue to consolidate, with the tie-up between Stackhouse Poland and Gallagher expected to be completed at the end of Q1. But as brokers seek ever-increasing scale, do we risk losing the value of independent advice?


Cyber reputation threat is top 2019 risk

Cyber threat and its link to loss of reputation is the top risk for SMEs in 2019, according to the Allianz Risk Barometer, and the second biggest concern for mid-sized firms, next to business interruption (BI). The two risks are linked, with cyber incidents the most feared BI trigger for ...

Unrated insurer

Let clients decide over unrated insurers, brokers told

Brokers could find themselves on the hook for professional negligence claims if they do not make their clients aware that the option to use cheaper unrated carriers is available


Brexit effect begins to bite UK businesses

Political and economic uncertainty are taking their toll as growth and confidence dips and insolvencies reach a four-year high amid calls from small business leaders to better protect supply chains


What is the role of the broker in the construction sector?

Three industry experts consider why businesses in the building industry will continue to benefit from professional advice on insurance

construction risk workers Silhouette danger health and safety

Construction insurance market bottoms out

Rates online remain soft even as some capacity providers leave the market, but underwriters are becoming more selective