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data theft

Cyber Focus: Data exfiltration boosts ransomware risks with reputational threats

Brokers need to adopt a proactive role in assessing commercial clients’ digital security as cyber insurance morphs into a hybrid of preventative risk management services and responsive claims investigation to tackle evolving cyber threats

data breach

Cyber Focus: How can insurers protect themselves from cyber crime?

Industry experts tell Insurance Times what preventative steps insurers need to take in order to avoid possible data breaches and other cyber attacks where criminals are lured by the honeypot of stored customer data…

capacity, pound coins

HNW Focus: HNW capacity enjoys ‘resurgence’ despite economic Covid constraints

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has caused an economic recession across most industry sectors, the high net worth market is surprisingly buoyant. Insurance Times explores the key capacity trends within this sector.


HNW Focus: How can high net worth providers prove their value under current conditions?

The high net worth market has a distinct USP of providing a specialist service with a personal touch - but as Covid-19 causes face-to-face interaction to dwindle while digital communications take the reins, is the sector therefore suffering? Industry experts share their views

Covid19 funding

The Briefing - Insurtech – Surviving Covid-19, government schemes for insurtechs ‘not all it’s cracked up to be’

The government has been instrumental in supporting businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic, however many insurtechs have found that these schemes incur pitfalls and strict eligibility criteria that does not work in their favour

technology, insurtech

The Briefing - Insurtech: How can insurtechs support insurers and brokers throughout the Covid-19 pandemic?

As insurers and brokers remain working from home in light of the coronavirus crisis, insurtechs could be key in supporting and improving digital ways of working

Car insurance (2)

The Briefing: Coronavirus impacts on GI - With a reduction in road use due to Covid-19, should insurers start returning some premium?

Insurers in the US are refunding part of their customers’ car insurance premiums as coronavirus lockdown measures see a decline in vehicle use and therefore claims, but will the UK market follow suit? Four industry experts share their thoughts

coronavirus, business

The Briefing: Coronavirus impacts on GI – Is the insurance sector caught in the crossfire of Covid-19 pressures?

Financial services consultancy says ‘the expectation for the industry to just pick up the tab for a once-in-a-century crisis like coronavirus is just not reasonable’

credit hire, claims inflation, car, money

The Briefing – UK Claims Reforms: Will credit hire cause claims inflation post-reform?

With implementation of part one of the Civil Liability Act delayed until August, industry voices still have concerns about the potential effect of credit hire firms on claims inflation

whiplash, whiplas portal

The Briefing – UK Claims Reforms: How does the industry feel about the LiP portal deadline extension?

Four industry experts share their views on what they think the effect will be of the Litigants in Person (LiP) portal deadline being pushed back from April to August

carry risk

The Briefing – MGA markets: Should MGAs carry their own risks?

Are boundaries blurring as increasing numbers of MGAs seek to hold their own risk? Insurance Times asks the experts whether MGAs are stepping on insurers’ toes…

Charles Manchester, Manchester Underwriting

The Briefing: MGA market – MGAs are a ‘powerful weapon for brokers’

Insurance Times speaks to Manchester Underwriting Management about current trends within the MGA market as well as the all-important broker-MGA relationship


The Briefing: MGA market – MGA startups multiply to fill innovation gap

Industry veterans looking for business agility and new opportunities are launching their own MGAs

The briefing_SME_broking

The Briefing: SME broking – How can brokers and insurers build a positive relationship to deliver SME cover?

Three industry experts share how the broker-insurer relationship can be fine-tuned when it comes to the specialist small to medium enterprise (SME) insurance market

The briefing_SME_broking

The Briefing: SME broking – Brokers can benefit from focusing on SME schemes

With a broad SME market and new small businesses springing up all over the UK, how do brokers keep abreast of trends and make sure they are offering their customers the best possible value?

The briefing_SME_broking

The Briefing: SME broking –Skipping advice when buying cover puts small businesses at risk

Looser regulation and the rise of aggressive aggregator websites mean insurance customers will now often eschew professional regulated advice, leaving both themselves and brokers’ traditional business model in a vulnerable position