Feedback company "How's My" hopes to reduce insurance premiums by extending their "How's My Driving?" scheme to include company cars.

The scheme aims to provide feedback to fleet drivers to improve safety standards.

How's My Driving? generates information about driving styles from which levels of risk can be assessed.

Badges displayed on the back of fleet cars will invite road users to phone a 24 hour call centre on How's My Driving?

Quarterly management summaries will provide companies with driving trends and highlight areas which need urgent attention. The summary will give companies a comparison between national average percentages for types of driving behaviour and the companies percentages for the same type of driving behaviour.

Companies are encouraged to demonstrate to their insurers that they are managing their occupational road risk effectively by using the How's My Driving? scheme. By being safer drivers they can help reduce the number of accidents and demonstrate to the insurer they are reducing the risk.

"However it's not an instant fix for companies with poor road accident records. Training and other action may be necessary, but we're confident this scheme will play a major part in any organisation's efforts to clean up its act and rid itself of a spiralling claims record and insurance premiums," said Ross Smith managing director of How's My.