Insurer to open new commercial trading site in city in September

closed sign

RSA is to close its office in Birmingham, which houses around 190 staff.

The affected employees have entered a consultation period starting today, during which 190 jobs will be put at risk of redundancy.

RSA has also said it is looking at redeployment opportunities for the affected staff.

An RSA spokeswoman said that as a result of the consultation it is too early to say how many redundancies there would be.

The insurer plans to replace the Birmingham office with a commercial trading site in the city, which it will open in September this year.

The RSA spokeswoman said: “Following a review into our organisational structure and geographical footprint we have concluded that we could be working much more effectively and efficiently if teams doing the same kind of work, or focused on the same kinds of customers, are situated together.

“This means we will be closing our existing office in Birmingham and replacing it with a new commercial trading site which will continue to serve our local partners.”

She added: “We remain absolutely committed to maintaining a presence in the City. We expect to open our new trading site in September 2016. Unfortunately, a number of our employees will be impacted by these changes and we will be working closely with them over the next few months and will look to redeploy our people wherever possible.”