Internet shoppers are as diverse in their habits as their counterparts in the High Street, a survey has revealed.

CountdownArcade, the online shopping arcade and loyalty scheme, analysed 10,000 visitors to its website and plac- ed them according to a number of different shopping styles

These groups include so-called 'SAS shoppers', who know exactly what they want and where to find it and who make purchases quickly.

There are also 'Window browsers', who may not intend to buy anything before logging on. They move from site to site and spend a lot of time selecting items.

A further group, the 'wheeler-dealers' is made up of people prepared to visit a number of sites looking for the best deals before making a purchase. This type of shopper is a frequent visitor to auction sites.

One group that is not so price conscious is the 'convenience shopper'. This net surfing type likes to buy all their products from one site and make large purchases when online.