Us software company SEEC is to launch into the UK insurance market with its new product, Mosaic Studio.

The technology, which has taken ten years to develop, will bring together insurers' existing legacy systems into one package, which can be accessed and used independently.

SEEC sales and services manager Raj Oudge said the culture of mergers and acquisitions in insurance had lead to many having disjointed technology.

"Insurers can have lots of policies on their books and they need to maintain those policies," Oudge said.

He added: "There is lots of maintenance on old, antiquated systems that are no longer used when putting new insurance policies in place."

SEEC can also offer a variety of extra services, such as browser-based customer interface and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

The company said its product could create new operating efficiencies in underwriting, policy administration and customer support.

Components of the product include rating and quoting, applications and renewals, integration components and unified customer, which provides a single view of a company's specific customer.

UK sales manager Paul Lythaby said: "We are offering a complete end-to-end solution and we have the capability of taking all the technology an insurer has and moving it forward."

SEEC has already worked with Equitable Life, Britannic Assurance, CAP Gemini and Canada Life.

SEEC's head office is in Pittsburgh. It has had a presence in the UK for four years, with its Reading-based offices.

The company also has offices in California and Hyderabad in India.

SEEC has been preparing for its launch into the UK insurance market since February and is looking to sign up three insurers over the coming year.