Broker network enjoys bumper growth in March, with GWP of £2.1m

Independent commercial broker network TEn Insurance increased its GWP, by an average of 26% over the first four months of 2012.

This follows an average growth of 23% between 1 September 2011 and the end of last year.

This culminated in the network recording its best month ever in March 2012, with GWP in excess of £2.1m.

TEn business development manager James Sharp said: “Our GWP, indeed our whole business, entirely depends upon the combined success of our members. Individually and collectively they are getting steadily stronger.  We have no direct clients of our own and never will have because we believe that a network should be entirely focused upon it members; and not distracted by its directly owned or semi-connected broking businesses.”

TEn has a membership of 70 and has plans for further growth this year. 

Sharp said: “Our flexible approach and ability to meet the needs of independent brokers of any size is proving to be an extremely attractive proposition to many thinking about going it alone or changing networks.”