Jeremy Wolff has turned away some bizarre claims in his time. The lawyer, a boss of personal injury firm Claimline, had Backchat in stitches during a very convivial lunch recently, when he told us about the woman who wanted to sue her tarot card-reading neighbour – for allegedly causing her psychological stress by casting a spell on her.

We were also amused by the tale of the woman who wanted to sue her local doctor because the nurses he sent to visit her appeared to be bright orange.

But the stories really became surreal when Jeremy went on to tell us about his stint as a legal volunteer for a Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) in the King's Cross area of London. The area had – still has – a seedy reputation and he found himself giving legal advice to certain local women of the night who had scrapes with the police.

The CAB was meant for claimants unable to afford legal advice. But one evening, a limousine pulled up outside his office and out stepped a woman dressed in an expensive fur coat. She said she needed advice on a police matter. But Jeremy told her she would not be eligible as she obviously had visible means of support.

The woman may have misheard him, because she opened her coat to reveal her best underwear, and said: “What these, they're just my work clothes.”