Staff at NIG are being encouraged to take on some of the new-age cultural ethos of Churchill, now the two insurers are in the same group.

NIG managers are carrying around small reminder cards that outline some of Churchill's values: “Urgency – stop talking about it, get on with it”, “Honesty – be open, share knowledge and information” and “Under-promise and over-deliver”.

While the cards have been accepted, some of Churchill's other management tricks are a little more difficult to get used to. It seems that chairman and chief executive Martin Long likes nothing more than to leave the leather chair behind and roll his sleeves up. So once a month, Long and his execs get back to the floor.

Recently, this saw Long serving up chips and beans in the canteen, while his number two John O'Rourke held the fort at reception.

It remains unclear, though, whether the canteen staff were invited to try out the leather chairs and run the company.