WiseDriving tie-up to focus on behavioural-based telematics

motoring telematics

Telematics provider Wunelli has partnered with iGO4 on the insurer’s new telematics product WiseDriving.

Through its partnership with Wunelli, iGO4 will provide its partners with quality telematics data, combined with an end-to-end administration service that meets the growing demand for driver behaviour information within the motor insurance industry.

WiseDriving uses behavioural-based telematics, combined with iGO4’s management expertise to help its insurance partners focus on reducing costs.

Wunelli chief executive Sandy Dunn said: “WiseDriving is a highly innovative product and signifies the vital role brokers can play in supporting the growing telematics market. Wunelli is delighted to have been selected to provide the full telematics solution behind the product, from installation of the telematics devices to the data collection and analysis required to manage the policies.”

iGO4 managing director Matt Munro said: “This partnership with Wunelli is a part of our strategic move into the growing telematics market. By working closely with industry experts, we have developed an exciting new platform that allows us to deliver a flexible, quality telematics solution to the motor insurance sector.”