The thieves appear to have been targeting Apple products specifically 

The Brolly London headquarters was burgled during the early hours of this morning with an estimated £15k of products stolen.

The insurtech is covered by Hiscox’s business insurance and have claimed on it for the very first time.

Employees arrived at work this morning to find the office door kicked in and all MacBooks and iPhones had been stolen.

Founder and chief executive, Phoebe Hugh said that the thieves seem to have been targeting Apple products specifically.

She said: “Luckily most of the team take their laptops home to work in the evening, so it could have been worse. My first thought was: I really hope our insurance pulls through, and fast.

“If we weren’t covered, it would be a really significant loss as a start-up. If I had one piece of advice to others it would be to get contents insurance and make sure you keep track of your stuff.”

Brolly was able to secure customer data immediately by remotely erasing stolen phones and laptops through Apple.

The fintech startup moved to its Clerkenwell based headquarters in 2017 after closing a £1m seed funding round with Valar Ventures, Pi Labs and Entrepreneur First.

Timeline of events:

  • · 08:30am: Arrived at the office and contacted the police to report the crime
  • · 08:45am: Audited the theft and what was stolen
  • · 09:00am: Tracked and erased all stolen devices
  • · 09:45am: Spoke with the landlord to arrange for the building to be secured and check security footage
  • · 10:00am: Contacted the insurance company, Hiscox, to report the loss
  • · 10:30am: Met with forensics to assess the break-in

There are currently no leads.

Hiscox was contacted but unable to comment on the incident.

Brolly recently announced that it was planning to scale its business globally with the launch of new product lines not currently available on the market. 

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