Brolly founder and chief executive, Phoebe Hugh calls it “the most exciting insurance product launched for a long time”

Insurtech Brolly has today launched a new product, backed by Hiscox, aimed at the home insurance market. 

Brolly Contents is aimed at customers, who either rent or own a property, and also want to insure up to £40,000 worth of belongings.

It offers flexible monthly subscriptions that reduce in price every month with loyalty, no fees or phone calls for essential changes, and simplified policy wording.

Chatbots and AI = speed

For eligible customers who have completed the registration process, Brolly says its app-based ‘chatbot’ could provide a quote in under 60 seconds. In addition, customers can take photos of their possessions and AI-powered ‘computer vision’ will identify the items.

Customers simply select the value that they want to protect within the home, the amount they want to protect when outside the home, and the excess they want to pay.

Phoebe hugh brolly

Brolly chief executive and founder, Phoebe Hugh

They are then covered worldwide and can update their cover - including adding valuables up to £4000 - at any time, with zero fees. Customers are able to insure just the things they want to - even if it’s only the higher value items, such as a laptop or luxury handbags.

“This is just the beginning from Brolly”

Phoebe Hugh, Brolly chief executive and founder, said: “Brolly Contents is the most exciting insurance product launched for a long time. We’ve listened to what people actually want and packed it into one product.

“No more loyalty tax, no more hidden fees, and no insurance dictionary needed to work out what you’re buying. This is just the beginning from Brolly - we’re harnessing technology to build the simplest insurance experience in the world.”

Brolly has developed the new product in partnership with specialist insurer Hiscox.

Matt Churchill, head of Hiscox Futures, said: “Consumer expectations of insurance are changing. We identified early on that Brolly were leading the charge in exploring new ways of engaging customers.

“Together, we’ve designed a simple insurance product and brought it to life on Brolly’s proven technology driven platform. We hope it brings positive benefits to consumers looking for simplicity and flexibility from a home contents policy.”