It follows Direct Line Group buying Brolly yesterday

Insurtech Brolly will be ’ending all contents insurance policies’ following its sale to Direct Line Group.

Customers that have existing contents have been given one month’s notice to find new deals after being informed that their policies were ending on 18 August.

According to Moneywise, an email was sent to Brolly policyholders on Wednesday, it said: “We have some news. Brolly is being acquired, and sadly as a result, your contents policy will be ending on the 18th August 2020.

“We’re sorry to say goodbye and for the inconvenience. We want to thank you, so much, for your support and for being an early adopter of our product.”

Phoebe Hugh, chief executive and founder of Brolly said: “We regret having to end the cover for customers who have been loyal Brolly supporters. They will still be able to access their Contents insurance policies for one final month until 18 August 2020 but after this we will be shutting down the service.

“We’ve already started work on bringing the best of Brolly to Direct Line Group and I am very much looking forward to working with the team to launch new products under the Direct Line brand”.

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