Our news editor gets down with the kids and hears news from across the Channel


Yo! This evening I head over to the AXA personal lines party, where I try a bit of beatboxing as background music for a rapper. By all accounts, Eminem has a real rival in the world of hip-hop. It’s good to speak to another big West Ham fan, AXA personal lines chief Steve Hardy – we’re chuffed about picking up Newcastle captain Kevin Nolan.


I help my colleague Sam Barker on a story about bringing back integrated project insurance for the construction sector. That will be a big boost for builders.


Seems like history’s repeating itself when a story about insurers reviewing commissions goes up on the web. The consolidators must be on their knees pleading for a return to a hard market, like a drought-hit farmer praying for rain.


After a quiet weekend, I head back to the office. I’m off to France for a wedding later this week, but before I go other news reaches me from across the Channel – French government proposals could delay Solvency II until 2014. I wonder what Lloyd’s, which has worked so hard to get ahead for a 2013 start, will think of that?


I hear the Names are unhappy that IAG UK lost so much money last year. That’s one story that just keeps on rumbling. Could there be the threat of legal action? A messy dispute between the Names and Equity Red Star would remind many of the dark days of unlimited liability and asbestos. Lloyd’s is all about the brand – you can imagine chief executive Richard Ward and co would be very unhappy at the reputational damage.