A Birmingham man, Raymond Southwick, has been awarded £3.25m damages following a collision with a van seven years ago, which left him needing round-the-clock care.

Southwick, now 38, was walking alongside the A38 in Devon when he was struck and knocked down by a white Mercedes van. He suffered significant brain injuries as a result.

Damages were awarded against the van driver's insurers, Dominion Insurance, which is now in run-off.

Southwick's solicitor, Martin Hoare said: "Ray has finally achieved justice. The case was extremely hard fought."

Carl Hulme, who has cared for Southwick since the accident, said the award would provide Southwick with first-class care for the rest of his life and would hopefully allow him to get more pleasure from his life.

Solicitor for Dominion, David Stuart said the insurers were content with the outcome of the case.