The new claims handling process under the Association of British Insurers (ABI) claims code is largely proving a success, say claimants.

A survey of 6,000 claimants, conducted by the ABI, showed 85% expressed overall satisfaction with the claims handling process under the code.

More than 90% received information on the way their claim would be handled within five days of making the claim and 96% said the claim form was easy to understand and complete.

One in ten claimants complained during the claim process, but only 30% of these felt their claim was dealt with fairly. And 32% felt they had not been sufficiently informed about the progress of their claim throughout the process.

ABI general insurance boss John Parkers said: “More work needs to be done in certain key areas to meet the code's standards. While insurers are good at explaining the claims process at the outset, claimants need to be better and more regularly informed about the progress of their claim.

And attention needs to be paid to ensure customers can be confident that, if they have a complaint, it will be handled fairly and quickly.”

Research covering how the code is working for household claims will be carried out later this year.