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Claims Analysis


Coronavirus: B&B owner faces ‘timebomb of debt’ after BI claim rejected by AXA

The results from the FCA’s test case could come too late to save struggling SMEs that are facing daily financial hardship as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Insurance Times hears from Stamford House Bed and Breakfast about its claims experience and fears for the future


Local Leicester lockdown could prove ‘difficult for insurers’ defending rejected BI claims

Business interruption policies triggered by Covid cases at the insured premises, or within a defined radius, may come under closer scrutiny as city-centric lockdown confirms the local impact of the pandemic


Briefing: The sorry (but unsurprising) tale of Gefion’s collapse

Solvency and liquidity issues have dogged the unrated Danish insurer for years, but brokers will be hoping that early regulatory intervention will have saved them a lot of pain as the insurer’s collapse continues to unfold

piggy bank, financial stress

Financially stressed policyholders are a ‘moral hazard’ leading to increased claims

Insurance Times explores the correlation between policyholders’ financial stress and their propensity to make claims - here, we explain what insurers can do to recognise and aid these vulnerable customers…