New hire aims to make brokers more aware of the services that Sedgwick can offer broker clients

Sedgwick’s new broker relationship manager Jason Jones is no stranger to the market, with 28 years experience behind him.

Jones is just weeks into his new role, but he is clear what needs to be done - bridging the gap between the adjuster’s staff and services, the broker and the client.

”The absolute priority is to strengthen relationships with UK brokers - particularly regional brokers,” Jones told Insurance Times.

”Brokers like a regional approach. They like to have relationships. They like regular contact and a say in the process. We’re meant to be there to help all parties and brokers are an absolutely key party at the end of the day.

”A lot of brokers don’t necessarily know everything that we do. So the role is also about making sure brokers have bit more of an awareness of Sedgwick’s services and skillsets,” he added.

Covid-19 has been a “massive” challenge for everyone, Jones conceded. But with challenges come opportunities, he said.

”There will be some positives that come from this experience,” he explained. ”This could be [in] the way we work, or the way we work with clients.”

Hardening market

Jones sees the hardening market as one of the biggest threats to brokers at the moment.

Capacity is disappearing and there are challenges around placement, as well as ever-increasing premiums and changing policy conditions,” he pointed out.

While much of this is out of Sedgwick’s hands, what the adjuster can do is add value by using investment in technology and making it available to the brokers.

”Brokers don’t really know what technology we’ve got, or they don’t necessarily have access to that kind of technology that Sedgwick has.

”It’s really about listening. Gathering these concerns [that brokers have] and looking at providing support and seeing how we can add value, be that data warehousing, notification of claims losses, out of office services, claims processes, etc. Brokers don’t always feel involved in that process.”

Sedgwick has invested heavily in its technology over the last few years.

The firm is currently in the process of developing a tool for corporate risk managers, for example.

”Risk managers recognise that when an incident like a flood, fire or personal injury happens, they need immediate practical assistance as well as the ability to notify us immediately and/or capture important evidence to help defend claims,” the company said.

”The new tool provides client-specific guidance on what needs to be done and who needs to be made aware,” it said, adding that the tool will be rolled out “shortly”.

The effects of the FCA’s business interruption test case are also beyond Sedgwick’s control, but for Jones, the adjuster’s role is ”to be there for the broker and their clients, whatever the decisions are”.

He continued: ”It’s about communication. We are here to support the broker and their client in whatever way we can and keep them updated on the processes to the best of our ability in a caring and compassionate manner, despite decisions that are out of our control. That’s all we can do. We can communicate, support and provide advice. That’s our role.” 

Despite the focus on Covid-19, the firm is already looking ahead to the winter months - Jones said Sedgwick is well prepared.