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Technology Analysis

Female chatbot

Could Google's chatbot overhaul the insurance market?

Technological advances in artificial intelligence like Google Meena claim to be more sophisticated than today’s chatbots in conversational complexity, but what value does it bring to the insurance industry?

whiplash, whiplas portal

The Briefing – UK Claims Reforms: How does the industry feel about the LiP portal deadline extension?

Four industry experts share their views on what they think the effect will be of the Litigants in Person (LiP) portal deadline being pushed back from April to August

money support

Government support for self-employed hit by Covid-19 brings relief to insurers

The chancellor of exchequer’s new financial measures for the self-employed may come as a relief to some, but what about those that do not meet the eligibility criteria?

paper planes difference

Every broker has differences in trading style says Zurich's Dave Martin

The Insurance Times 2020 eTrading star ratings will be available from the 2 April, Dave Martin head of retail management at Zurich Insurance says the firms underwriting expertise is the ’heart of Zurich’ as he discusses the service factors being investigated in the Insurance Times star ratings