How very complacent of Michael Faulkner to say that they have only two choices on asbestos cover - to carry the increase or to pass it on (13 February, Insurance Times).

There is a third choice. That is to acquaint oneself with the asbestos removal industry and become aware of the standards and methods employed to remove asbestos containing materials from the built environment.

The photograph accompanying the article must be at least 20 years out-of-date.

It shows practices that would involve instant prohibition notices being issued by the HSE, the dismissal of the contractor from being an HSE licence holder, together with the prosecution of both the removal contractor and the client.

How can those of us involved in the asbestos removal industry have any faith that the levels of our premiums are not a knee jerk reaction, when it is obvious that those responsible for setting them have such a poor knowledge of the skills, safety record and investment of those whom they insure?

May I suggest that all those concerned with asbestos insurance and reinsurance industry show the professionalism to learn about how the industry is conducted?

This can be achieved by contacting the industry's parent body, The Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA), at Burton on Trent.

No doubt the more intelligent of your readers will spot at least six instances in the photograph which would lead to prosecution.

I suspect that ARCA will donate a bottle of champagne to the individual who can spot the most contractual errors.

Stuart Dowding
Merryhill Envirotec
Romsey, Hants.

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