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Broker Service Survey – Your forum to drive change in UKGI

Insurance Times has launched the annual Broker Service Survey – now in its 11th year. Brokers up and down the country are keen to reveal which insurers provide the best service levels, and which areas they need to improve.

Brokers are using the Insurance Times Broker Service Survey to say what they think about the service levels provided to them by their insurer partners over the last 12 months. Some brokers have already told us that service levels are improving, but that investment is continually needed to adapt and keep up with expectations. Pivotal to broker success is selecting the best possible insurer: but, from some of the comments so far, many brokers may be looking to change insurer in the near future. Here is a look into the good, the bad and the ugly.

“Keen to write business - Attitude is looking to say yes rather than find a reason to say NO”

“The Service has been rubbish and they really do not want to help our business grow, trying to steal our customers”

“Trying to find someone who can understand real underwriting issues is almost impossible”

“In major accounts won, this insurer’s policy wordings stood out”

We’re asking brokers to score their insurer partners on a range of service criteria, including:

• Ease of access to decision makers

• Underwriting flexibility and expertise

• Claims: fairness and speed of settlement

• Policy documentation: clarity & accuracy of wording in addition to speed of delivery

• Quality of cover

• E-trading options

Once the survey findings are published, insurers respond by:

• Taking direct action to address brokers’ concerns on service levels

• Investing in popular features & services

• Responding to anonymous feedback from brokers

Year-on-year, brokers are increasingly ready to switch insurance partners, based on the quality of service they provide. With growing competition to maintain broker relationships, it is ever more important for insurers to score highly in the Broker Service Survey.

The Insurance Times Broker Service Survey for commercial lines and personal lines is now open for submissions from brokers. We welcome brokers from across the UK to come forward to spotlight areas of concern and highlight those insurers who have responded vigorously and successfully to broker expectations over the last 12 months. 

Brokers – make your voice heard in the 2016 Insurance Times Broker Service Survey. Visit the Insurance Times survey hub to find out more and rate your insurer partners.If you would like more information please feel free to contact me at

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