Are organisations wasting money on business interruption (BI) - adopting complex tools simply to produce prettier reports with lots of graphs?

The power of today's BI tools is immense, enabling a business to drill down into the data, using three-dimensional analysis to combine business attributes for extraordinary, unprecedented insight into performance trends, customer behaviour and operational efficiencies.

Yet if an individual has no idea why this process is being undertaken, the exercise is a waste of time and money.

The whole point of BI is to challenge the set view of the business; to look for exceptions and trends that may indicate business problems or opportunities. And the results may not be pretty. But if organisations are not going to leverage the power of business data to make changes and challenge assumptions, the value of the BI investment is completely wasted.

The real value of BI can only be achieved through proactive analysis of business performance that is backed up by insight-led innovation and strategic change.

Andrew Watkinson
Sales and marketing director