It's crunch time for those wishing to reclaim money from the ashes of the Independent Insurance fiasco.

Class Law, the solicitors leading the class action against Independent's advisers, says it has enough evidence to persuade a Queen's Counsel that KMPG, Watson Wyatt, the Financial Services Authority and the directors of Independent have a case to answer (see page 1).

But the action group needs the best part of £1m to make sure that the action can go ahead.

There is enough money for a feasibility study and the solicitors will meet with Queen's Counsel by the middle of September to take the case forward to court.

Should you come forward and pledge your support and money to the cause?

If you don't, we may never know who was responsible for the disaster that has tainted our industry – aptly put by Norwich Union boss this week Patrick Snowball (see page 2), who says: “It makes us look like we don't know what we are doing.”

Can we let the system of consultants and regulators get away without scrutiny?