Lloyd's Names have been accused of being insensitive money-grubbers for "dancing on the graves" of the World Trade Centre victims... but sadly they are not the only ones. Unscrupulous policyholders are playing on the sympathies of insurers and filing bogus claims using the WTC tragedy as an excuse.

One case came to light last week in the US where a couple are facing up to ten years in jail each and a fine of £7,000 after being charged with scheming to cash in on the World Trade Centre disaster.

Charles Gavett, 44, of Atlanta, Georgia rang the New York's police department to report his 40-year-old wife Cynthia was missing and then proceeded to file a life insurance policy. Detectives charged them with multiple insurance fraud.

The couple now have a place in history as the first people to be arrested in the US for filing a false death claim in relation to 11 September, said Georgia insurance commissioner John Oxendine.