As a successful company running a scheme, we want to respond to “Who polices the schemesNULL” posed by Paul Hirst, in part to ease concerns but also to provide information about a schemes company such as MiniBusPlus.
We have provided minibus and fleet insurance to insurance brokers and intermediaries for over ten years. MiniBusPlus operates within the ABI code of practice and adheres to it.
Mr Hirst's concerns about the security of using a sub-broking arrangement are more than valid. I suggest he poses the five key questions he raised to each scheme provider before placing new business. This may alleviate some of his worries and aid him in filtering out bogus schemes.
In terms of MiniBusPlus, we are subject to statutory external audits by independent chartered accountants and have regular audits by Norwich Union staff. They are not associated with the day-to-day function of MiniBusPlus. We also have separate professional-indemnity insurance.
Norwich Union underwrites the scheme. This in itself provides solvency protection. MiniBusPlus operates fully delegated authority within a specific schemes agreement which includes the authority to operate through sub-agents, of which we deal with over 4500 in the UK.
Is there a general concern amongst brokers and intermediaries about schemesNULL In the meantime, we'll be offering the opportunity for a representative of MiniBusPlus to visit Mr Hirst to give more insight into our role as a schemes provider.
Steve Clarke BA (Hons) MIDM
marketing manager