I was saddened to read that so many people at Royal & SunAlliance were to lose their jobs (News, 22 June).

I was also concerned and bemused at the comments made by the spokeswoman to the effect that some of the job losses were expected in ancillary functions such as claims.

I was under the impression that insurance existed to provide cover to policyholders in the event of a claim and therefore I would have thought that the claims process and any such department in an insurance company should be a major part of the business rather than an ancillary function - and certainly should not be the subject of job cuts?

The article concludes by stating that Royal & SunAlliance is making an aggressive drive for profits. So once again it regretfully appears that this is now the purpose of insurance companies existing, rather than providing a first-class service to their customers when a claim arises, which is of course the only time customers require their services.

I would be interested to hear other readers' comments.

Chris Ray
Pioneer Adjusting