Computer security specialist De-Fence has launched Backupnow, a data back-up service designed for brokers.

Backupnow enables users to back up their business information as often as required through an automated schedule.

All data is securely encrypted and compressed for electronic transmission via the internet to a dedicated security facility in the UK, which is duplicated in the US.

Backupnow can be set to make hourly back-ups so, in the event of a power cut, no more than 59 minutes of data is lost.

According to the company, a typical broker with approximately 3,000 client records would pay around £120 per month for Backupnow.

De-Fence director Ralph Ehlers said: "Many companies are backing up tapes, CDs or Zip drives which are mechanical and, as such, are still at risk from failure, damage or corruption.

"The Backupnow system is easy to use and the user can back up their files as often as they like without any down time."