As football prepares to kick-off once again, what does it mean for insurance?

This Covid crisis has taken its toll on so many aspects of life that we once took for granted.

Going to restaurants, pubs and sporting events have for the moment been consigned to recent memory, but there are plans afoot to relaunch one of England most beloved sports – football.

Project Restart, as it’s been dubbed, aims to get players training and eventually playing - most likely behind doors – again this month.

Although this would be seen as a key step in gradually returning society back to normal, the proposals leave questions regarding how these events can be insured.

Will players face exclusions should they catch or spread the virus? How will on-field injuries be treated? How will premiums be affected?

And it is probably fair to assume that top-flight footballers on megastar salaries will be able to absorb any premium hikes, but what about those playing in the lower and semi-professional leagues? They face the same - if not greater - risks as their more remunerated counterparts.

With so many questions to be addressed, brokers could play a crucial role in getting sport back up and running, and the crisis presents opportunities in equal measure for them to show their worth to society as risk advisors and trusted business partners.

As we strive to get back to some kind of normality, for brokers, there is all to play for.