Loss adjusters from GAB Robins, Cunningham Lindsey and Watermans are surveying the extent of damage caused by the detonation of a terrorist car bomb in Ealing in the early hours of Friday morning.

Shops and commercial premises around the blast site in Ealing Broadway, west London, suffered blast damage and seven people were injured by flying glass.

A spokeswoman for GAB Robins said it was dealing with a number of claims from the attack.

Cunningham Lindsey's London specialist adjusting network was instructed on the major buildings damage last week. A spokeswoman

said structural investigations were yet to commence, but major reinstatement was anticipated. Nine retail outlets were affected by the bomb, including some offices.

Cunningham Lindsey's team also received other instructions for explosion damage and flood damage in surrounding areas.

Police said the bomb was twice the size of the device which exploded outside the BBC's White City headquarters in March.