The UK insurance industry is guilty of failing to acknowledge its problems or to seek external help to solve its problems.

This is the view of interim and transition management firm W&S.

The firm's head of insurance practice, Andy Baker, said: "Most senior executives will initially try to solve a problem by diverting existing resources or doubling up on jobs.

"This is used rather than going outside to look for a fresh approach, because it was almost an admission of failure."

This reluctance to seek external assistance and expertise appeared to be embedded in general UK business culture.

He said it could damage insurers and brokers, who were under pressure to deliver shareholder value after mergers and acquisitions.

Baker said interim and transition management could help companies to overcome some problems because it would keep infrastructure and staff costs down, and provide "the opportunity of a fresh approach for a limited time".

Interim and transition management uses temporary management to solve a wide range of problems or to implement changes at an organisation.

Baker added: "It's a short-term, low-risk solution and because we use our own team, we are accountable for the results. Until we deliver the results, we don't get paid."