Backchat always suspected that the chief executive of technology firm RI3K was a betting man.

Alex Letts recently returned from the Acord conference in the gambling capital of Las Vegas, £600 the richer.

Now it appears Letts may have taken on a different kind of bet - trying to cram as many football puns as he can into one quote.

When asked to respond on the recent reshuffle at Lloyd's, which saw new chief executive Richard Ward appointing Steve Haasz as director of business process reform, he replied: "New manager, new team, very timely mid World Cup.

"By consolidating reform and change management into one mandate under the aegis of one of their star players, Lloyd's is making an eloquent commitment to close this game out.

"If he can avoid the shirt pulling around the market, I think that Haasz has enough magic in his boots to put the ball in the net."

Hats off, the money's yours Mr Letts, but not mentioning the famed metatarsal was a wasted opportunity - a bit like an England penalty shoot out.