Insurance fraud initiatives are like buses. Nothing happens for months and then two come along at once. Like last week. First there was the government's long-awaited report on beating fraud (the unimaginatively titled Fraud Review), followed closely by the long-awaited and much heralded launch of the Insurance Fraud Bureau. Just like buses then, although given the context the two buses would be involved in a staged crash and 300 passengers (who weren't on board) would make claims for whiplash.

Also on the subject of the IFB, Backchat was surprised to see the announcement this week of the appointment of a head of unit, Sue Jones. The IFB is usually very secretive, so naming the appointee seemed a departure from convention. Intrigued, Backchat went to look at the press release photograph, only to find it was of the IFB's chairman John Beadle.

The mystery surrounding the IFB continues...