AA received claims from motorists whose vehicles were ‘dimpled like golf balls’  

Grey storm

Dozens of cars across the north east were wrecked by giant hailstones during the freak storms that hit the country at the end of last week, according to AA Insurance.

The broker has received more than 50 claims from motorists for cars badly damaged by hailstones which rained down on the region in the thunder storms that followed Wednesday - the hottest July day on record.

The downpour of giant hailstones was concentrated in Durham.

Claimants reported that their cars ‘looked like golf balls because the bodywork was so dimpled’ or ‘roof and bonnet covered in dents.’ 

One driver reported that in addition to dents to the bodywork and a cracked front screen cracked, the rear window had been smashed and the car was ‘full of water and huge hailstones”.

The broker has estimated that around 1,700 cars worth up to £1.5m could have been damaged.

Janet Connor, managing director of AA Insurance, said that the cost of repairing dozens of panel dents is usually greater than the value of the car.  

But she reassured customers that those who suffered this kind of storm damage will have their claims accepted by insurers.

The AA also received widespread reports from home insurance customers that the storms had broken windows and smashed greenhouses and conservatories. 

The last time giant hailstones caused extensive damage to cars was in Leicester, in July 2012 when the broker took over 200 claims for cars that had suffered a battering