Software house works with price site on a ‘subgregator’ platform for small products. is in discussions with I Wonder to launch a platform that will enable niche brokers to provide quotes on price comparison sites.

I Wonder will feed rates from specialist brokers to through its centralised system, hosted by software house Transactor.

The technology will allow I Wonder to act as a “subgregator”, allowing brokers to display their products on aggregator sites without having to invest in an expensive new core system.

Steve Young, managing director at I Wonder, said: “We are working out the details of how the subgregator model will be launched with Gocompare.

“We have all the links in place, the software and the hardware. What we need to do with Gocompare is decide what markets they want and what markets we can satisfy.”

Brokers will be able to upload their rates and criteria on to I Wonder from their existing systems. They will also be able to control the volume of quotes they receive by defining their criteria.

The software house said it would finance I Wonder by taking a percentage of the aggregator’s commission per sale.

Graeme Trudgill, technical corporate affairs executive for Biba, said: “Aggregators are an important distribution channel for brokers. Smaller brokers that don’t have big budgets for IT are concerned about how they can afford to get on to aggregator sites.

“If this is going to help brokers put their niche products onto sites, it can only mean more business for brokers.”

A spokesman for said: “We are always keen to look at ways in which we can enhance the service and we are in talks to look at how we could work together. This is still in the discussion stage.”