Imarket, the connectivity software piloted by Polaris UK, will launch in October.

According to Polaris UK marketing and strategy manager Phil Nunn, two software houses, Acturis and Sirius, were checking the security of the system ready to go live in the next few weeks.

In a process likened to "juggling blancmange" the software firms are being credited with persuading most of the major industry players to work together on the project.

Coversure Insurance Services is one of the companies piloting the scheme. Chairman Mark Coverdale said: "One of the most exciting aspects is the X form. This is one form for all the insurers, which when submitted will then produce a quote from all of them."

Security and access to the system will remain a major concern for the industry during the trial period.

If the product works correctly, both brokers and insurers will be able to limit access to the product directory allowing intermediaries to see just what they are allowed to sell.

It also limits access between insurers.

A Polaris roadshow will take the product around the country with participation from insurers and brokers involved in the project.

Nunn said: "We aim to turn the roadshows into major events with stands from imarket insurers and software houses.

"We believe it will be really worthwhile for brokers to turn up."

The meetings start in Belfast on 11 November, running through:
East Anglia - 18-19 Nov;

Staines - 25 November; Bristol - 26 November; Warwick - 27 November; Newcastle - 2 December; Leeds - 3 December; Manchester - 4 December; Glasgow - 9 December; Maidstone - 11 December; London - 15-16 December.