Covering all the bases

Covering all the bases
Goodfellows has launched Disabilitysafe, a broker-only insurance policy that provides tax-free capital or income payments in cases of disability.

Disabilitysafe covers those aged between 18 and 70, regardless of occupation, anywhere in the world. Premiums include insurance premium tax (IPT) and agent commission of 20%.

Goodfellows managing director Simon Burgess said: “We operate in markets that personal healthcare insurers ‘fear to tread' – these include police forces, offshore workers and other high-risk occupations.”

Full information on the product can be obtained from the company's website

Work your way down the scale
Fortis Insurance has enhanced its Semploy policy with the introduction of a three-year no claims discount scale.

The scale provides a 5% discount after the first year, 10% after the second year and 15% after the third year.

Semploy provides cover for self-employed and small business workers and is available to more than 70 different trades, with optional employers' liability and tools cover.

Address change in seconds
Online change of address service has teamed up with Norwich Union Direct to give the insurer's policyholders a quick way of telling the company their new address.

The service sends change of address details by email, fax or direct database integration to the 600 companies and service providers featured on its website.

Government agencies such as the DSS and Inland Revenue are also covered by the service.

Web presence can backfire
More than four out of ten financial service companies feel their company's brand is being jeopardised by their own website, according to a survey by IT services group CMG Admiral.

The poll of directors of leading insurance companies revealed 44% thought their corporate identity was being put at risk by their internet presence, even though 67% said the internet was vital to their business.

The reponses to the report indicated e-business was still in its infancy and many companies only published “shoddy” material such as a basic brochure or contact details.