Series of technology packages will help brokers control client money accounts

Insurecom has unveiled a series of technology packages designed to improve broker compliance requirements.

Chief executive Phillip Walter revealed the agencyPlus package, which has taken two years to develop, at its Insurance Trends & Technology Conference this week.

The package has been designed for schemes and commercial products, and aims to help control client money accounts. The packages available include the agencyPlus enterprise edition, designed for those with in-house servers.

Walter said: "We are launching the application to allow us to provide brokers with a solution for the future. The market is full of old technology that's been around for far too long. Change is happening throughout the industry."

Insurecom has also developed a set of e-tools which include an ePlus webBuilder solution. A pocketPlus Capture solution - a Windows pocket PC version of agencyPlus, has also been launched.

Walter said: "We have a real-time system that gives client money control and full account control, which boils down to fully automated distribution. The job of brokers should be dreaming up new streams of revenue and to capitalise on what they have rather than spending time doing this."

Insurecom said it is realigning its business model to offer a more consultative approach to enable it to offer an adequate "broker solution".

Walter added time will have to be spent "educating the market" to embrace technology.