Greater balance needed in European regulationa says Lord Adair Turner

21 leaders of insurance and long-term savings associations across Europe have signed a letter urging the UK to remain a member of the EU.

The signatories include representatives from all the major markets in Europe. The letter states it is in the interests of both the UK and the entire EU that the UK votes to continue playing a full role as a full EU member.

While the Referendum is clearly a matter for the British public to decide, there will be implications for all EU markets. We believe it is in everyone’s interest – the UK and the EU – for the UK to remain. And we will be watching and hoping that the result means that constructive relationship will continue with the UK playing a full role as a full EU member,” the letter said.

“The UK is an active and positive partner which also has a firm and critical eye and is willing to challenge as required. This brings results for the UK, and is healthy for the whole of the EU. No-one can doubt its contribution has been positive for all.”

The letter is signed by:

Philippe Cole – CEO, Belgium Insurance Association

Svetla Nestorova – Chairwoman, Bulgarian Insurance Association

Stephie Dracos – Director General, Insurance Association of Cyprus

Jan Matoušek – Director General, Czech Insurance Association

Mart Jesse – Chairman, Estonian Insurance Association

Esko Kivisaari – Deputy Managing Director, Finance Finland

Philippe Poiget - Acting Director General – French Insurance Association

Jörg Freiherr Frank von Fürstenwerth – Chairman, German Insurance Association

Margarita Antonaki – Director General, Hellenic Association of Insurance Companies

Daniel Molnos – Secretary General, Association of Hungarian Insurance

Kevin Thomson – CEO, Insurance Ireland

Dario Focarelli – Director General, Italian Association of Insurance Companies

Andrius Romanovskis - Director, Lithuanian Insurance Association

Marc Hengen – General Manager, Luxembourg Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies

Adrian Galea – Director General, Malta Insurance Association

Richard Weurding – General Manager, Dutch Association of Insurers

Idar Kreutzer – Director General, Finance Norway

Alexandra Queiroz – General Manager, Portuguese Association of Insurers

Mirenchu del Valle Schaan – Secretary General, Spanish Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Institutions

Christina Lindenius – Managing Director, Finance Sweden

Lucius Dürr – Director General, Swiss Insurance Association