Southampton broker quotes online too

Knightsure has relaunched its website in an effort to highlight its cover for large businesses.

The Southampton-based broker has hired search engine optimisation specialists to improve its ranking for potential customers who look online for business insurance.

It also has a selection of case studies of large, medium and small businesses and a blog about how insurance developments will affect clients.

Broker Network member Knightsure has clients in Scotland, Wales and London, with the bulk of business from local companies near Southampton.

“We want the site to appeal to everybody and tell large companies that we’re for them as well,” said managing director and chartered broker Tony Knight.  

“Broker Network gives us the ability to compete with any sized broker, including the nationals, with exclusive products and rates.”

Knightsure offers quotes for a number of commercial lines online from Anglo Pacific Consultants, but does not sell policies online, in order to verify the application and test the open market for better quotes.