Lawshield UK has broadened its range of legal expenses products after an internal restructuring.

Until now, the legal expenses provider has focused on providing services for high net worth clients.

But Lawshield will now offer legal expenses cover for a variety of other risks including motor, fleets, and national and European breakdown.

Lawshield claims manager Chris Edwards said: "We have restructured the firm and will now be offering legal expenses cover for a range of standard risks."

Premiums in the personal legal expenses sector have fallen in real terms during the past few years.

Market sources say premiums stand at around10% of those paid in continental Europe.

The ABI warned recently that new legislation that entitles workers to claim back-pay from former bosses could hit legal expenses insurers.

A recent law change enables employees who were paid less than the minimum wage in a previous job to force their former employer to make up the difference.