Cycling law

I trembled with fear and anger when I read the latest EU proposals to impose a "no fault" system of compensation for cyclists (8 August, Insurance Times).

Don't get me wrong, I am not against cyclists, but it is just not fair on the motorist and our industry to lumber us with yet another burden.

It may work in other EU states, but maybe it's because in these states, cyclists consider themselves within the law, and not above it, as many cyclists do here.

If this latest directive is to become law here, can we expect a reciprocal enforcement of the existing laws where cyclists ignore traffic lights, pavements, one-way systems, prohibition notices and just generally put everyone's lives in danger?

Most town centre pedestrianised shopping areas are regarded as show rings for mountain bikers and skate boarders with police usually turning a blind eye.

The EU would be better advised to look at a licensing system for cyclists or a complusory insurance scheme, rather than handing them an easy route to compensation.

Roy Rodger