According to the Better Regulation Task Force, the "perception" of the compensation culture is perpetuated largely by the media. A classic example is Andy Cook's latest opinion piece, "Tackling the compensation culture could be a vote winner" (30 September, Insurance Times).

Encouraging the exploitation of the so-called compensation culture because it is seen as a "vote winner" - while stating that injury claims are falling - is cynical in the extreme.

I recently took part in two debates on this issue, at which the ABI and another leading insurer agreed that there was no compensation culture.

Perhaps Andy Cook could look for other "vote winners", for example, tackling the failure of the insurance industry to link premiums with health and safety (reported in the same issue of Insurance Times).

This issue may not be as 'sexy' as compensation culture, and it may not be such an easy story to pedal, but the implications are far more serious than some over-reported myth which has been dragged out for far too long.

Colin Ettinger
Association of Personal Injury Lawyers

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