Energy risks reaped the highest rate increases over the past three years, according to analysis by Chaucer

Chaucer analysed rating data for 2001 and 2002 with estimates for 2003 compared to a base line of 100 representing Chaucer's prices as at 31 December 2000.

Within the marine sector, the star performing areas are energy business, expected to achieve a premium rate index of 327 - showing that rates have more than trebled - and excess of loss at 276.

Lowest rises within marine are for political risks, on an index of 111, although it had suffered much less in the last soft market compared to other marine classes.

Within non-marine, the star performing sectors are expected to be property treaty in which rates have nearly doubled.

Within motor, fleet business has an estimated 2003 index of 129 and 138 for private car.