The elite of the insurance industry (including Insurance Times journalists, naturally) mingled last week at the invitation of Equity Insurance CEO Neil Utley, who opened his luxury abode to watch the England v Trinidad & Tobago game for a select few to watch.

Guests were picked up in Essex by Utley's very own Routemaster bus, and upon arrival were lavished with endless amounts of booze, opportunities to play on the numerous pool tables and arcade games available and the chance to mix with Utley's own goats and swans in his vast garden.

The highlight was a drunken football match played amongst the overweight great and good of the industry on an adjoining field owned by Utley. The poor performances on show were only matched by that of the England players in Germany later that day.

The biggest disappointment, though, was the Insurance Times journalist who retired hurt with a Rooney-style injury after being fouled by a blade of grass.